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Thursday, March 3, 2011

You Better Get There!

Tune in Monday Night:
8:00-9:00 PM EST
MAR 07, 2011
This week's spotlight artist will be Modern Day David.

Since the tender age of 9 years old, Lawrence Williams a/k/a MODERN DAY DAVID has been blessing those around him with his extraordinary vocal and Instrumental talent. He formed his group at the age of 13 and produced his first record under the alias Law Da Producer at age 16. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY he experienced the worst, losing his brother to the violence that drugs brought to the inner city streets, He also tasted it best through the magnetic form of self expression known as hip hop. He became intensely involved with hip hop and has worked with both commercial and underground artists.

After spending time outside of the church, he could no longer deny his calling to reach troubled youth. Now known as (MDD) Modern Day David Lawrence is an elder at the powerful Praise Tabernacle Ministries in Brooklyn, NY. His objectives are to win the souls of troubled youth, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through the gift of preaching and singing, he strives to give all that God has blessed him with to those that are in need and willing to accept. MDD's lyrics are based upon true life dilemmas people face each day. His mission through Jesus Christ is to help infuse determination and increase faith to overcome personal problems and any obstacles that are stumbling blocks between them and what God has promised to us all. MDD is committed to spreading the message of hope through his music. -Proverbs 29:17:18
MDD WEBSITE: www.moderndaydavid.com


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