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Friday, March 30, 2012

Poetic Lace One on One with DJ Worship More!

Poetic Lace has found the right direction with the release of his debut album “When Silence Falls”. The Jacksonville, FL based artist will stimulate you spiritually with “Real Talk” hard hitting issues that roost in our urban communities.

I decided to go "One on One with Poetic Lace", to get a better understanding of who he is and where he is going….

DJ Worship More Question:

Poetic Lace, I want to thank you for this opportunity. Congratulations on your new album release, “When Silence Falls”. I’m just as excited as you are about project, and really feeling the first single “Broken Wings.”

Before we chop it up about the album, I’m sure the readers want to know a little more about you and the message that you deliver about salvation. 

Lace when did you give yourself to the Lord, and what inspired the change?

Poetic Lace:

Before I answer that, allow me to express my gratitude by saying it is an honor to be speaking with you right now! I am humbled and thankful to be recognized by a “Soulja” such as yourself. So with that being said, we’re going to keep this interview 100% real (LOL)… I’ve been saved and baptized since I was a little boy but I still had tendencies to be disobedient. It wasn’t until a year ago that I fully accepted who God was calling me to be. This was inspired by God literally breaking me. To keep a long story short, I went from being a student athlete (college basketball player) to living in Miami, FL homeless, sick with hives all over my body, “mysteriously” emptied out bank account, no friends or family by my side and no answers to why this was happening to me. This caused my faith to truly grow. This showed me that EVERYBODY (all races, creeds, ethnic backgrounds) is struggling in some kind of way. This thought me who I am and most importantly who God is through the blood of Jesus Christ. I can honestly say I am thankful for everything I’ve been through, BUT, I don’t want to go through it again (LOL).

DJ Worship More Question:

I see that you stepped out of the corner swinging with the first single from the album.  While working on the project, “When Silence Falls” did you have a specific theme in mind for the entire album?

Poetic Lace:

The title speaks for itself! What happens when silence falls?? The truth gets told! What happens when silence falls?? The truth gets heard! I’m basically pointing out that those days of the Christian community being quite are over. There is too much filth going on that we are allowing people to get away with. There is also a great need of “Spiritual Education” that needs to be thought. Most importantly, people need to know that God loves them and you don’t have to be perfect to find the road of salvation.

DJ Worship More Question:

“When Silence Falls” deals with topics from abstinence, relationships, and a few hard bangers that are going hard for Christ! I enjoyed more of your smooth tracks such as “Can We Get Away” (feat. K. Black. & Regina) and “Thank You” (feat. K. Black and Regina).

When you minister on the tracks such as the two mentioned above, what message are you looking to deliver to today’s youth?

Poetic Lace:

Just to throw a little spice into the answer of this question… K. Black is a homeless guy that I found on the streets singing one night as I was walking home. Hahaha, it’s amazing how God can use anybody to get His point across… “Can We Get Away” is a song that the Lord gave me to teach men the appropriate way to approach women. A man will NOT be satisfied with just any woman. She must be the one that God has appointed for him. This song is also meant to teach women the appropriate way for men to approach them. Being called a B**** and a Wh** and everything else but a child of God is not what’s up. We all need to realize that it’s a beautiful thing to have somebody special in our lives and we need to do all we can to keep God in the equation of that relationship. “Thank You” is song to let the people know that we can enjoy God through the blood of Jesus Christ. God loves us so much that He wants us to do well and enjoy Him. This song is basically stating; during everything you go through or do, it’s a MUST that you take time out to tell The Father (God), The Son (Christ, Jesus), The Holy Spirit “Thank You”.

DJ Worship More Question:

The “Broken Wings” video is moving! When you wrote the lyrics for this song, was it from a personal experience?   
Did you imagine that the video would ever be this powerful visually, once the words moved from paper to the screen?

Poetic Lace:

“Broken Wings” is my life…Straight up! The lyrics came from the heart! Everything you heard and saw was 100% true. “Broken Wings” is the very first song I wrote and recorded, so it means a lot to me. Not to sound like a punk (LOL), but doing the video was very emotional to me. I really relived some tough events that took place in my life. To be honest with you, I knew the song had great meaning behind it but I didn’t know the magnitude of it. I am truly amazed on how powerful the video turned out to be. All I can say is “glory ta God”!!

DJ Worship More Question:

Poetic Lace, where can we read more about you and do you have any sites that we can visit to stay up to date on your next project? 
(Websites, YouTube, etc.)

Poetic Lace:

When you go to my website www.poeticlace.com you will be instantly connected to all my social sites, articles, updates, music, and more. Here are a few links so people can reach out to me personally:

DJ Worship More:
Poetic Lace, I want to thank you for sharing your time with us. You have a ministry to touch the lost by delivering the word in a poetic motion. I want to extend many blessing to you and your ministry.

God Bless!

Poetic Lace:

Thank you for having me and God bless you too!

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Jalen's Corner - Something for Everyone!

 Jalen's Corner is a video blog produced by Jalen Barnes. We invite you to visit Jalen's corner to grow with the Lord as Jalen shares the Gospel and the love that Jesus has to offer.

Jalen's Bio:
My name is Jalen Barnes. I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with all of my heart. I minister the gospel and share the love of Christ. I'm also a rapper in the Christian group NCignia

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

You Shall Have What You Say!

PreachPastor.com and Kingdom Heritage Ministries have establish a ministry partnership in a joint effort to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jennifer Goodman founder of Kingdom Heritage Ministries states, "Our Mission is to provide resources and teaching to bring birth the restoration of women to holiness and righteousness. I am very blessed to have the opportunity to bring a service of excellence with my business Kingdom Heritage. I have been called to help the people of God to establish businesses, birth vision and manifest dreams!"

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Outreach 24/7 "24 Hours - AM Worship"

The gifted Washington, D.C. based group Outreach 24/7 has released a new CD entitled, "24 Hours - AM Worship."

Outreach 24/7,  known for their native hometown sound of GO GO music with a message of redemption. Return and flex their versatility with a worship CD that will leave you in a state of praise!

We encourage you to support this group by purchasing the CD!

Visit http://outreach247.com for further details.

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Let Your Glory Fall by Nweze an Inspired Blessing

Amazin’ Ijeoma Nweze is the 8th child of 11 sibling family, born to Chief & Mrs. Joseph Ogbodo. Her Father, who is ever proud of this daughter, is a renowned community leader and business man, proprietor of Small Joe’s Enterprise (Transport Company) and Liberation Hotels Ltd Enugu, Eastern

Ijeoma Nweze introduced as Amazin’ the model for Christ, was called into the music ministry from a very young age. She is much-admired for her unique style of African praise worship, contemporary and gospel reggae genre.  She worships and serves a chorister as well as a Discipleship Minister at Jubilee Christian Centre, East London Branch.

In her secondary school days, she was the school band soloist where she also learnt how to play the keyboard and drums. During the later stage of her secondary school education days, she was well known for her drama, dancing and performing arts. Though a worship leader and soloist at such tender age, she also excelled in her poetic, song writing and artistic representations of beauty and nature.

At the age of 17, she felt the mighty hand of God upon her and then made the decision to answer her call as a music minister. Making a conscious and personal decision to accept her destiny as it’s been ordained by God. It was at that time that God revealed Himself to her, causing her to turn to Him wholly and totally with an explosion of her passion for serving the Lord exceptionally with a voice she has been blessed with. Her Life affected and has continued to affect a huge number of people due to the prophetic revelations and series of healing and deliverances that take place in her tenderly and confidently ministrations to the glory of God, in churches and crusade grounds. She has got that which moves the hand of God.
In 2002, she got married to Architect Paul Nweze. They are blessed with 4 lovely children Princess Zina, Ben-boy, Divine and Paul Jr.

In 2007, she pulled off the ominous task of being a good mother and a loving wife and graduated from University of Greenwich with an outstanding qualification in Housing.  She has also gone through a Master’s degree in Clinical Pastoral Counselling, to enable her undertake this task as her
ministry demands to support, coach and lead women into a better and improved lifestyle.

Amazin’s Début Album, Angels' Cry, was released on the 29th May 2010,together with her single track, BeyondBounds.

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ILL Seer One On One with DJ Worship More

Cyril Guérette AKA ILL SEER will leave you with a few choice topics to think about!  The Senior Pastor of Free Church Toronto is known for his delivery of a truly inspired word delivered in a poetic format. 

Prophetic Poetic Productions is the label, ILL Seer is the artist and I am DJ Worship More! Here to provide you with another interview that will encourage, minister and provide deliverance in the name of Jesus.

DJ Worship More Question:

ILL SEER, I am thankful for this opportunity to conduct this interview with you.
In 2010 you slipped me a song called “Think about These Things”.I have to admit the hook just grab me, great song, awesome music.

Before we get into what’s new, can you please provide a quick introduction of who you are as a believer and artist for our readers?

Answer ILL SEER:

First, I need to thank you DJ Worship More, it’s a blessing to get to converse with you about my faith.  As a believer, my parents came to faith when I was quite young, and I was raised in the ways of the Lord.  As a teenager, I pushed back but God brought me around during a revival period in my hometown of Sarnia, Ontario in Canada.  A number of pastors rose out of that time period actually.  I went to Heritage Baptist College, and eventually graduated and went to the University of Cambridge to pursue a Master’s degree.  I started sliding in my practice of faith, but came back to do a PhD in Theology in Toronto.  In 2002, God woke me back up by the amazing church which I now have come to pastor.  I met my wife here at FreeChurch Toronto and started as a professor at Heritage Baptist College, and now have been blessed with three amazing children.

I first came to think of myself as an artist after being sledgehammered with the reality of the biblical Prophets as poets, and started taking writing lyrics seriously.  I was part of a band, then helped form a full hiphop crew in the UK.  I never really worked with believers until I came back to Canada and had the pleasure to link up with amazing cats like The Runaway, Shad, and now loads of others.

DJ Worship More Question:

Your church has a unique way of providing benediction, in the form of what is known as psalmbalming or psalmbombing. Now at my church the benediction is as following:

  Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart; be acceptable unto thee O Lord my strength and my provider Amen.

Can you give me an example of how you would drop a quick psalmbomb before the end of a service?

Answer ILL SEER:

For sure … actually our church has always used the Aaronic blessing as the final benediction of the service, a tradition I still keep.  But each of the two pastors before me would do a little spontaneous address beforehand.  I just added in my love of freestyle rhyming prayer.  It’s always tied to the scripture verse that was preached on but if it was on John 3:16 it might look something like:

God, thank you for sending your son, our pretending is done, the ending you’ve won … so let us love the world like you love the world, but not love the World.  Let us see unfurled, the love of you only Begotten, let’s not have forgotten how often we’ve acted rotten, but let us get lost in, the demonstration of your salvation, we give you a standing ovation, we believe in you so we won’t perish, everlasting life we’ll always cherish!  And may the Lord bless you and keep you.  May the Lord turn his face towards you and be gracious to you.  May the Lord shine the Light of His Son Jesus Christ down upon you and grant you peace.  For we are His Church, we’ll see you this week. Amen.

DJ Worship More Question:

 “Doxological Freestyle VOL.I”, hit the street March 19, 2012 it is touted as a CD that not only needs to be listened to but prayed with.

Why is this CD one that we should not only listen to, but pray along with as well?

Answer ILL SEER:

When I felt the Lord put the concept for this project on my heart, I knew it shouldn’t just be another album in the rotation.  First, it was spontaneous prayers from the heart, and I wanted that to catch on to the listener.  I actually instructed the producer DJ Clutch, to include lots of instrumental space so that the Spirit could move people, both in their silence, or in their own offerings of word to the Lord.  I believe that the church needs to pray more, and sometimes it’s hard to create that space for God.  I wanted this album to do that. 

One of the things our congregation has had as part of the mission of The Weekly and other events is “to craft an environment in which people meet the Living Presence of God through worship, word and sacrament.”  I wanted the music and the words to craft such an environment as well.

DJ Worship More Question:
I enjoyed the track “Follow Repeatedly”; I am really feeling how you meditate to the prayer.

There is power in prayer, deliverance and healing can all be received by praying to God and asking what we want from Him.  Nothing is impossible the only thing that can impede our prayer is our lack of faith.

 Do you have a special word that you would care to share with our readers?

Answer ILL SEER:

If it’s anything, it’s to not think of prayer as an extra project on top of all the other ministry you do for God.  Think of it as the main ministry.  Think of all you do as prayer.  God wants us to pray with our bodies, as well as our hearts and minds.

We don’t need to just do prayer to cover evangelism, we can use prayer to be evangelism.  If you are a musician, recognize that David charged his musicians to create a new culture of prayer.  That music itself is a prayer.

For example, this year one of the amazing groups I’ve gotten to know in Toronto, No Found Address, take their music into the streets, to minister to the homeless.  Cliff and Lennox asked me to come do some psalmbombing/psalmbalming with them.   We sat in the park, where they had been asked to come, and when I started freestyling prayers to God, I looked at all the bankers on their lunch break, all the homeless in the park, the kids, the passersby, and they were listening to me speak about, and to God, and they liked it.  It didn’t come off as aggressive and demeaning … it came off as affirmative and they received it.  If we pray like that publicly, or offer people prayers, that is one of the best ways to show Jesus to those who don’t know him.

Doxological Freestyling is a way of living the life of Christ … in whatever mode we pray … with words, music, art, service, and plain old living life.

DJ Worship More Question:

ILL Seer, Where can we read more about you and do you have any sites that we can visit to stay up to date on your next project? 
(Websites, Youtube, ect.)

Thank you so much!  There’s a few places to get to know what I’m doing:

DJ Worship More:

If you haven’t listen to latest tracks from “Doxological Freestyles Vol I.” please do today. There is healing and deliverance in this collective set of prayers. Cyril, bro you are a blessing and moving a direction that no man can follow, because they are guided by the steps of the Lord.

God Bless!

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