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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Christ Has Given Him a U-Neek Purpose!

Steve “U-Neek” Foster is an established author and evangelist for Christ. He has received accolades for authoring “A call to Spiritual Circumcision” and “Developing the Heart of A God Pleaser”. Now U-Neek is challenging us to discover our individual purpose God has given us with his third book entitled “Who Am I and What is My Purpose”.
“Who Am I and What is My Purpose” by Steve “U-Neek” Foster combines the elements of theology and psychology to convey the message of Jesus Christ. The book will tug the hearts of many and will encourage one to achieve the purpose God has for us. Upon completion of “Who Am I and What is My Purpose”, inspiration touched U-Neek once again when he released his first debut album entitled “The Purpose of Life”.

U-Neek’s album “The Purpose of Life” was written with the theme as quoted, “paints the picture of how significant life is not just to us but to our creator, God. The album demonstrates the need for us to be in tune with our savior Jesus Christ in order that we may know our true purpose in life.”
We are awaitng U-Neek's upcoming release, “Until Lambs Become Lions”. I’m sure it will leave us roaring for more.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Special guest PRAY returns to the Your’ll Soul Music Hour!

The gifted California native is a songwriter and producer who states, “That with his style of writing he knows that many lives will be touched in a way like never before.” PRAY who is a newly appointed Assistant Pastor will be discussing his new single and upcoming album entitled “It’s The Anointing”.

We encourage you to tune in for the interview Wednesday night at 8:00 PM EST October 5, 2011 on PreachPastor.com.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Celebrating 40 Years with Sounds of Blackness

Sound of Blackness celebrates their 40th anniversary with the release of their 10th album. We have all enjoyed the diverse forms of African – American music presented on every album and will continue to graced with even more wonderful music in the tradition of the great Gary Dennis Hines founder of the multi-talented international music institution.
Focusing on themes of reconciliation, healing and “Ubuntu”, translated from its Zulu origins as “humane-ness”, Gary Dennis Hines the founder explains: “Music can be our primary method, mode and means of avoiding annihilation and achieving peace. Music is God’s perfect form of communication, because what comes from the heart reaches the heart, what comes from the soul reaches the soul and what comes from the spirit reaches the spirit. At the very rhythm and heart of humanity is Ubuntu – “I am because we are and I am what I am because of you.” “We are human because we share the human characteristics of generosity, consideration and humanness toward all others.”
The three time GRAMMY award winners have released the album’s first single entitled “Fly Again” featuring track co-producer and co-writer Christian rap artist Xross and special guest Jamecia Bennett, the daughter of former Sounds of Blackness vocalist the amazing Ann Nesby.
The Sounds are highly regarded for their singing of traditional spirituals, “Soon Ah’ Will Be Done” and “Ev’ry Time I Feel The Spirit” will be on this self-titled sixteen-track CD from the GRAMMY-winning band. Promising an collective time piece for your music collection, we recommend the purchase of “Sounds Of Blackness”.

Sounds of Blackness will be available in all digital outlets and stores

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Joey's Dream "The Review"

Joey’s Dream has released his new album, “Mold Me”. On my first pass, I quickly reviewed each track listening for the beat, then rolled it back and decided to give it a full spin. Where do I begin? Well, Track 1 appears to be a good start! Here is a track by track review of a “Mold Me”:
Track 1 - “Experimental” – This song can be summed up with three words:
Experimental – “You won’t know what you call it”
Fundamentals – “You will not learn in college”
Exponential – “You have to take the solid…..”
When I listen to the invite from Joey’s Dream to come and experience Christ for the non believer it is an “Experimental” event. Yes, with exponential rewards! Now when I think of the hook, rubbing my chin, I have to say, it’s pretty deep. I found myself driving down 295 with the two front windows down with the system on blast to a tune that will challenge a young non believer to take a plunge.
Track 2 - “Piece of Sunshine”
In a world that appears to be emerging into darkness, Joey’s Dream remains walking with his head up. We take a poetic walk in a day within “Piece of Sunshine”. I found this piece to have a fun and uplifting melody, but a very powerful statement will leave you with a lasting imprint to quote “What’s my last thought before I lie in the bed, have I been detrimental or Heaven sent?” This song I found to be very self reflecting, by challenging one to look within oneself and to remain Christ like in our daily walk.
Track 3 - “Sierra”
“Sierra” is a song that is full of beauty and will touch any listener. Joey’s Dream leaves you wanting to hear more ballets from him in the future. I have one word for Joey’s Dream “WOW”!
Track 4 - “Poetry In Motion” (feat. Matt Dall)
I’ll be the first to admit that the Christian rock as a genre is not my strongest point. I will have to admit I played this track when I was giving the smack down to some cat on Madden 2011. The music is very enjoyable, but I found it difficult to catch all of the lyrics.
Track 5 - “Mold Me”
“Mold Me”, enough said! This song is excellent. I love the lyrics and concept of the song. Turning everything over to the Lord and asking him to mold me to be in HIS image. A song of faith, growth and love, this is by far Joey’s Dream at their best!!!!
Track 7 – “Why”
The beat and the electric guitar are the coolest! Hey, this is a song that I have been hearing in my head every morning, and even now! I can proudly say, this is easily becoming a theme song, to quote “Why don’t we practice what we preach because no one is out of reach….., Why don’t we stop and seek what God’s love was meant to be Why….”
Overall, I found Joey’s Dream “Mold Me” to be an exceptional album easy listening and enjoyable. I even have a hardcore rhythm and praise fan that will remain nameless, humming the song “WHY”. If you haven’t heard the new sensation, please support this artist and pick up Joey’s Dream album “Mold Me”.
“Mold Me” is available in all formats iTunes and Amazon.com

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

If you’re not having a”Great Day” this one is on Cashyra!

Cashyra has completed her first solo project entitled “GreatDay”. The new album from Cashyra is delivering more than just music by offering a range of uncompromising love for Christ in every song.

Cashyra began her career singing with the gospel group “ForHis Glory” at the tender age of six. In2007 the group fell upon an onset of misfortunes leading to its break up. Being a devoted member of her church, Cashyra served as an Evangelist and Praise and Worship leader. In 2010 the single “Great Day” hit the streets causing sparks in contemporary gospel that ignited the first full length album from Cashyra.

“Great Day” is an exceptional album by a vocalist, who is planted in Word, and delivers an evangelistic message in every song.

“Great Day” by Cashyra can be purchased in all digital outlet stores.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

One on One with Elder Craig Williams of "The Seal Breakers"

Elder Craig Williams of "The Seal Breakers" speaks
with DJ Worship More on the "Your'll Soul Music Hour".

DJ Worship More:
Welcome to "The Your’ll Soul Music Hour" on PreachPastor.com.
We are with Elder Craig Williams and "The Seal Breakers"! Music for the King is what my Spirit feels, when I hear the brassy sounds of "The Seal Breakers".

DJ Worship More:

We would like to learn more about you Elder Craig Williams, and the talented members of "The Seal Breakers." Please give us some background about your group, and a breakdown, sort of a "who’s who" by instrument within the band.

Seal Breakers:

The Seal Breakers are a brass shout band out of the heart of Brooklyn NY. The home of Barbra Streisand, Chris Rock, Hezekiah Walker and Jay-Z. Lol I started the group in 2001 and the Lord has blessed us to start training young men from Greater St. Stephen church where I serve as Youth Pastor, to other young men from the surrounding area who just want to change their lives. When I began the group I figured we would just minister at our local church but little did I know that God had a bigger plan for our ministry and that was to take this music across this country and around the world. So, I’m glad that God’s purpose for us quite often out measures the goals we have set for ourselves. Our band consists of:

Craig Williams/Lead Trombone
Kenny Carr/ Lead Trombone
David Hawkins/ Lead Trombone/Fifth trombone
Danny Hayes/ Lead Trombone/ split trombone
Keith "KJ" Johnson/ Tenor trombone
Devin McCauley/ 3rd Trombone
Zachary Williams/Split trombone/ Third trombone
Darrell Wallace-11 years old/ baritone horn
Marshall"Twin" Brooks/ baritone horn/ sousaphone
Wade Harris/ third trombone
Jermaine McGriff / third trombone
Paul Patton/ third trombone
Jamal Coleman/ sousaphone-bass horn
Drums/ James"Big June" Robinson Jr.
Loren Dawson/ all keyboards

DJ Worship More:

Elder Williams, when I read about the challenges that you had to endure during the early beginnings of "The Seal Breakers", I just shook my head and said, WOW! I know that you were comforted by the Spirit knowing the Word of God say’s:
For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God you may receive what is promised. (Hebrews 10:36)
For those of you who aren’t familiar with the history of the group, in brief, here it is:

Elder Craig Williams formed the praise band in 2001, known then as the "The Eagles Praise Band". Unfortunately the use of the name "The Eagles" could be a potential copyright infringement upon a rock group with a similar name. Dr. Jamal Bryant whom was blessed to hear the band three days prior, gave Elder Craig Williams a call that would not only be uplifting, but defining. Dr. Jamal Bryant said, "God placed you in my Spirit and I wanted to know what you are going to call your group?" Elder Craig Williams told him he had not decided, but was praying about it. Dr. Jamal Bryant replied, "God told me to tell you to call the group the "The Seal Breakers!"

DJ Worship More:

This is a two part question Craig, first, how difficult was it to pick up and re-name the group? Also, what advice do you have for other artist whom may encounter a similar experience such as yours?

Seal Breakers:

It was very difficult. The Eagles had been our name from the group’s inception. It eventually became the name everyone recognized. As I mentioned before God’s purpose for us often exceeds our myopic scope and honestly when I began the group I had no idea that one day we would record. When some of the producers of the documentary we are working on approached me with the news that they were going to have an issue clearing the documentary for the television networks because of the potential copyright infringement issue I was hurt but I remained open to the voice of God. I’m grateful for being raised in a home that believed in prayer and prophecy so when the Lord gave us the new name I was able to discern his voice and flow with the move of God. I would tell other artists to keep a strong, informed team of business minds around you who can help you to avoid some industry pitfalls and always be open to the voice of God to shift you into the divine purpose he has called you to. It may be uncomfortable but the will of God is often uncomfortable because it calls us from what is convenient and comfortable and like Abraham to a place that God says I will show you. You won’t know until you get there! So trusting God completely is essential for any facet of ministry God calls us to.

DJ Worship More:

Now let’s get to the music and ministry of "The Seal Breakers". Elder Craig Williams "None Like You: The Remix" a wonderful song! There is none like our Lord.

DJ Worship More:

Was there any reason why you selected the song "None Like You" to remix?
Seal Breakers:

Yes, the other music on our album is all instrumental but my good friend Kenny Carr who produced this album along with me composed this great song called "None Like You" that we imagined would be great if it had a chorus on it. That’s all it really was supposed to be at first but I was led to call my long time friend, producer Jason Hendrickson and I told him "its unconventional and unheard of in the brass band style but lets blow this song out." Full instrumentation, vocals, the whole nine and by the grace of God he blessed us with this Remix. It features Jason Hendrickson, my niece Matia Washington and Karyn Porter all of whom are phenomenal vocalists. We are very excited about this song and we have been receiving great support for it across the country and internationally now. So, to God Be The Glory!
DJ Worship More:

What other songs do you have on the horizon that we should look out for?

Seal Breakers:

The album will be released in early October and it’s a wonderful blend of contemporary and traditional gospel, jazz with some New Orleans second line sprinkled in. I love the entire album but I find myself enjoying different songs depending on where I am spiritually and emotionally. Look out for Compassion, Oh Happy Day, Love and When I See The Blood. It will have you shouting and crying at the same time! LOL
DJ Worship More:

Where can we read more about "The Seal Breakers?"

Seal Breakers:

Follow us on Facebook/The Seal Breakers, Twitter @thesealbreakers and look out for the video "None Like You" (Remix) on Youtube. Please purchase our single on Itunes and Amazon.com it will encourage you.
Do you have any Shout Outs? Shout Out to Kenny Carr, K. Black, Delray Entertainment, my dad Bishop M.D.Williams and Greater St. Stephen Church, Bishop and Evangelist Celeste Washington and all those who have shown us so much love from the root to the fruit. We love you all.

Everyone Elder Craig Williams and "The Seal Breakers"

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September’s Complimentary Music

This past week has delivered an abundance of complimentary music. There will be a great flood of wonderful Christian music scheduled to drop this fall in 2011. We all know that just a little leak can produce a great waterfall of results.

Speaking of leaks, Xist Music has trickled “FIREPROOF” in preparation for the upcoming “MISFIT” tour. “FIREPROOF” is a free download. Visit the Sean Simmons Facebook Page for more details: http:\\www.facebook.com/iamseansimmonds. The new Sean Simmons CD is scheduled to be released this February 2011, let’s keep an eye out for the latest sounds.

Did you know? Cross Movement Records is offering the instrumental and acapella to K-Drama’s “Get your Weight Up” as a free download. Visit iTunes or http://crossmovementrecords.com/ , yes you too can get your weight up! Spiritually!

illect Recordings, is on a roll this year and is on pace to have a break out 2012 year. The London based illect Recordings recently released two compilation projects “Mind the Rap” , Volume 1 and Volume 2 both projects are now available for free download from Amazon.com. To download the two full recordings visit the links below.
To download illect Recordings: Mind the Rap Vol. 1 http://www.amazon.com/illect-Recordings-Mind-Rap-1/dp/b005cjtk4Q/
To download illect Recordings: Mind the Rap Vol. 2 http://www.amazon.com/illect-Recording-Mind-Rap-2/dp/B005CJTPCS/

Furthermore X-Cali Entertainment has graced us with “Triumph” visit http://tumblr.com/xyj4etvly to download. Tru Knowledge a Christian rapper from the city of brotherly love delivers a freestyle message of being Triumphant. Also, Silas Clark has offered his Brutha WAR CD for free download. Be sure to check out this CD here under the following link http://vibedeck.com/bruthawar-of%20bruthazgrimm

Finally, the FNF compilation CD has been released and is offered free to the public. The FNF compilation is a great way to hear the music of various Christian rappers. To download the FNF compilation follow the link here: http://www.christian-rap.com

Wow, the month of September offers so many gifts from Christian rappers; you might confuse this season with an early Christmas!

I would like to encourage everyone to support the music provided by the Lord's anointed for we are nothing without Jesus.

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