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How to Submit Your Music

Who is PreachPastor.com? Or Should I say what is PreachPastor.com

We are PreachPastor.com an internet radio station hosted by live365.com. We are blessed to provide the best Christian Content possible for you to enjoy either here on our networking page, internet station or on our home site htp://www.PreachPastor.com

What is Your'll Soul Music Hour?

The Your'll Soul Music Hour is an internet radio show on PreachPastor.com. This is a platform that allows gospel artist, rhythm and praise (R&P) and Christian rap artist to present their music and ministry on the air. The host of Your'll Soul Music our is DJ Worship More every Monday Night 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST and can be heard during the week on PreachPastor.com

How can I submit my music or sermon to be aired on the the station?

We accept submissions from artist for both "Your’ll Soul Music Hour" and "PrechPastor.com ". Please submit your music to the account type that is right for you. Please be aware that PreachPastor.com and YourSoulRadio.com does not pay royalties Live365.com our hosting service for the station pays royalties on music that is played in rotation on our station internet stream. Please be aware that PreachPastor.com does not pay royalties or any other fee for the inclusion of your music in our podcasts, radio streams, or any other form of transmission of your music. When you submit music to PreachPastor.com and Your’ll Soul Music, your music will be reviewed for inclusion in our Internet Radio Broadcasts and Podcasts. We believe that your work and ministry deserves to be heard but not all submissions will be accepted. All submission to broadcast are at the sole discretion of PreachPastor.com and “Your’ll Soul Music” and YourSoulRadio.com. PreachPastor.com is an internet radio station hosted by live365.com at this time, the “Your’ll Soul Music Hour” airs on PreachPastor.com and is a podcast show. The music selection on PreachPastor.com airs all styles Christian music and Christian Poets. “Your’ll Soul Music Hour” will broadcast Christian rap, Holy Hip Hop and Rhythm and Praise, Urban contemporary and contemporary styles of music along with spoken word. It too will air on PreachPastor.com but will only include the music of artists who have submitted their music to our site and have agreed to allow us to air this music on our show as a podcast. We do not accept music that does not fit with the styles of the station or show and reserve the right to reject music that does not meet our criteria.

Still interested?

Submit your music by sending an .mp3 file of your music to info@PreachPastor.com for review. Someone from PreachPastor will contact in referece to your submittal.