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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Adonai Reigns Ushering in Mercy, Restoration, and Peace in 2011!

Adonai Reigns has released their latest single entitled “Be Strong” in anticipation of their debut album “Exalted Praise” scheduled for an early October release. Inspiring and touching doesn’t begin to describe this Spirit moving single, “Be Strong”.

Adonai Reigns was founded by husband and wife Ty and Deana Webb in 2007. The group consists of six gifted singers and songwriters all of whom are ministers of Christ while spreading the Word and love of the Lord with music and deliverance. This versatile group has promised to bring and I quote, “A message of Hope, Love, Faith, and Forgiveness!” I would like to add one more word “Restoration!” Truly as I have enjoyed the music of Adonai Reigns, a ministry of restoration is prevalent in their music.

Many hearts will be encouraged by Adonai Reigns to look to the Lord in today’s trying times. The music ministry of Adonai Reigns can be heard here on PreachPastor.com.

Adonai Reigns will be available for digital download on Amazon.com and iTunes!

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