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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Christ Has Given Him a U-Neek Purpose!

Steve “U-Neek” Foster is an established author and evangelist for Christ. He has received accolades for authoring “A call to Spiritual Circumcision” and “Developing the Heart of A God Pleaser”. Now U-Neek is challenging us to discover our individual purpose God has given us with his third book entitled “Who Am I and What is My Purpose”.
“Who Am I and What is My Purpose” by Steve “U-Neek” Foster combines the elements of theology and psychology to convey the message of Jesus Christ. The book will tug the hearts of many and will encourage one to achieve the purpose God has for us. Upon completion of “Who Am I and What is My Purpose”, inspiration touched U-Neek once again when he released his first debut album entitled “The Purpose of Life”.

U-Neek’s album “The Purpose of Life” was written with the theme as quoted, “paints the picture of how significant life is not just to us but to our creator, God. The album demonstrates the need for us to be in tune with our savior Jesus Christ in order that we may know our true purpose in life.”
We are awaitng U-Neek's upcoming release, “Until Lambs Become Lions”. I’m sure it will leave us roaring for more.


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