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Friday, September 23, 2011

Joey's Dream "The Review"

Joey’s Dream has released his new album, “Mold Me”. On my first pass, I quickly reviewed each track listening for the beat, then rolled it back and decided to give it a full spin. Where do I begin? Well, Track 1 appears to be a good start! Here is a track by track review of a “Mold Me”:
Track 1 - “Experimental” – This song can be summed up with three words:
Experimental – “You won’t know what you call it”
Fundamentals – “You will not learn in college”
Exponential – “You have to take the solid…..”
When I listen to the invite from Joey’s Dream to come and experience Christ for the non believer it is an “Experimental” event. Yes, with exponential rewards! Now when I think of the hook, rubbing my chin, I have to say, it’s pretty deep. I found myself driving down 295 with the two front windows down with the system on blast to a tune that will challenge a young non believer to take a plunge.
Track 2 - “Piece of Sunshine”
In a world that appears to be emerging into darkness, Joey’s Dream remains walking with his head up. We take a poetic walk in a day within “Piece of Sunshine”. I found this piece to have a fun and uplifting melody, but a very powerful statement will leave you with a lasting imprint to quote “What’s my last thought before I lie in the bed, have I been detrimental or Heaven sent?” This song I found to be very self reflecting, by challenging one to look within oneself and to remain Christ like in our daily walk.
Track 3 - “Sierra”
“Sierra” is a song that is full of beauty and will touch any listener. Joey’s Dream leaves you wanting to hear more ballets from him in the future. I have one word for Joey’s Dream “WOW”!
Track 4 - “Poetry In Motion” (feat. Matt Dall)
I’ll be the first to admit that the Christian rock as a genre is not my strongest point. I will have to admit I played this track when I was giving the smack down to some cat on Madden 2011. The music is very enjoyable, but I found it difficult to catch all of the lyrics.
Track 5 - “Mold Me”
“Mold Me”, enough said! This song is excellent. I love the lyrics and concept of the song. Turning everything over to the Lord and asking him to mold me to be in HIS image. A song of faith, growth and love, this is by far Joey’s Dream at their best!!!!
Track 7 – “Why”
The beat and the electric guitar are the coolest! Hey, this is a song that I have been hearing in my head every morning, and even now! I can proudly say, this is easily becoming a theme song, to quote “Why don’t we practice what we preach because no one is out of reach….., Why don’t we stop and seek what God’s love was meant to be Why….”
Overall, I found Joey’s Dream “Mold Me” to be an exceptional album easy listening and enjoyable. I even have a hardcore rhythm and praise fan that will remain nameless, humming the song “WHY”. If you haven’t heard the new sensation, please support this artist and pick up Joey’s Dream album “Mold Me”.
“Mold Me” is available in all formats iTunes and Amazon.com


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