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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In 2012 the King appoints this mission to Conquest!

This coming year 2011 will promise to leave us with a "RADICAL DEPARTURE" as we enter the year 2012. If you’re one of those, “it’s just another day people,” then CONQUEST a.k.a. JAY RENEGADE will make this coming year 2012 one to remember. R.A.G.E. (Revenge Against God's Enemies) the new single from the upcoming album entitled “Radical Departure” by CONQUEST will be released on January 9th 2011.

CONQUEST is a Christian rap artist who is known for his distinctive sound by infusing both alternative rock & soul beats in tracks as he evangelizes in rap to those who are willing to listen. The new single “R.A.G.E.” Tackles personal issues from CONQEUST, in way that his testimony will reveal God’s glory in tune to Roman 12:19 in this song. Conquest state that, “R.A.G.E. marks a new musical chapter and re-invention for CONQUEST as an artist and urban evangelist.”

Below we have the new video from CONQUEST:


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