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Friday, January 20, 2012

Nevahurd One On One with DJ Worship More!

NEVAHURD a native of Toronto is an established Christian Hip Hop artist who has chosen to follow Christ. He is transforming lives as he presents the Gospel to young adults in an art form that they can relate.

“Unseen Proof” is the title of new CD by NEVERHEARD, and it is devastatingly raw as it pushes the unbeliever to believe. The New Video from NEVERHEARD entitled "Wrath" is a must see! It is a blessing to share the music of NEVAHURD and his ministry with you.

DJ Worship More Question:

Like me and other Christian artist you were raised in the church and knew of Christ but didn’t know Christ. Would you care to share why did you decide to get to know Jesus?


It literally happened overnight about 5 years ago. I was home and I saw a DVD an old friend gave me on one of my no so frequent visits to church “The Truth Behind Hip-Hop” (yes really that truth Behind Hip Hop). After watching I must say I didn’t necessarily agree with all the pastor was saying, but he did make a powerful point of knowing what is right by Christ and knowingly going against it. It’s like God brought all of the teachings I received as a kid to my head and I realized going forward I can be a part of the problem or solution. And from there it was on.

DJ Worship More Question:

“Unseen Proof”, is there a story behind your latest CD?


I feel like my whole journey in the Christian Rap world is a walk of faith. The amount of money spent in producing music, the constant criticism from those in the world and the church and the drive to keep going is not possible without faith…or Unseen Proof (a play on Heb 4:11) in the all-powerful Jesus Christ.

DJ Worship More Question:

“Wrath” is new video, it’s really Hot! What is the Wrath that you are referring to?

Did you envision the music video for this song while writing it?


No actually because the Wrath I’m referring to in the song is literally God's biblical description of his wrath. The treatment for the video I feel God placed in my mind as I was deciding what the next single would be after “Do it”. I have friends and I know many that are living the life portrayed in the video, knowing what’s right yet following their earthly cravings. And I just got the idea to show a consequence to choice scenario. Something to which to the potential viewer can relate.

DJ Worship More Question:

Where can we read more about you and do you any sites that we can visit to stay up to date on any engagement or future shows?


Everything NevaHurd

www.Twitter.com/NevaHurd @NevaHurd (twitter)



DJ Worship More:

NEVAHURD you have an awesome ministry as a Christian Hip Hop artist your website NEVERHURD.COM is very informative. The blogs on the site everyone should read, with topics of discussion that not only minister, but heal. You cook up a full plate of Spiritual food for the soul. Yes, brother you’re serving real meat, good stuff!


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