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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Deitrick Haddon: Church On The Moon

I too remember reading in our history book about the year 2011. Back when people were driving their cars to get to a destination. Just about everyone used a device called the cell phone to communicate, and few were still walking to church on Sunday morning. Wow, can you believe that?

Umm excuse me, “Come on little Johnny, boy don’t make me hyper-warp over there! Now boy, put on your new “giga-swifts”, were going to be late for church on the moon!”

Deitrick Haddon, has released his latest project Church On The Moon Church On The Moon takes us on a journey to the year 3,000 to a place where  the faith of mankind has withered into a state of lost abandonment from God. Many have lost faith and only a few faithful remain. This  creates the tone for an epic trip into the future. Church On The Moon provides 19 quality tracks that range from the soulful gospel sound that Pastor Deitrick Haddon has blessed us with over the years. There are also a few incredible upbeat R & P tracks that will have you moon bouncing in your ride.

I strongly recommend Church On The Moon by Deitrick Haddon with my personal “Halo”  stamp of approval! 


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