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Monday, January 24, 2011

"It's not where you're at but where you're going..."

Before I ran out of the house this morning I wanted to jump start Monday my morning commute with a cup of tea, a bagel and some motivation music. My morning routine would have directed my finger over to check out one of the Gospel morning shows. But today I had an appetite for some eggs and grits, some of that good ole’ southern gospel rap.

So I reached over and pulled out a CD that many may have slept on during this pass summer and might have been a little confused once the smoked cleared when Larry P. dropped that T.N.T. (The Neglected Truth)

Larry P. is blessed with a style that will encourage the saved with his message that prayer works, in the track P.U.S.H. Not to mention, presents the message of the Gospel to the unsaved in a story style song called John and Susie. John and Susie, “What?” you may be thinking, (LOL) trust me the song sizzles as you listen to what will happen if you're walking in the flesh without Jesus. Larry P. digs further with songs that include topics such as spiritual warfare, gossip and my pick “Forever Tear”. “Forever Tear” is a song of faith and will help uplift your spirit as you think about how the Lord has worked out so many blessing for you.

Larry P. Neglected Truth , check it out get your grub on!


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