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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cashyra Great Day “The Review”

The highly anticipated solo debut from Cashyra “Great Day” is facing high noon, but will the sun set after this review? The single “Great Day” hit the street in the summer of 2010, leaving us inspired and awaiting the full release. Now let’s check out the weather report!
Track 1: “Great Day”, Great day, is filled with joy, and inspiration. The beat is a perfect match for this song, very exuberant and a delight experience for the ears. Who needs a cup of Joe? Waking up to this tune, thanking the Lord for just what we all are thankful for, waking up to another “Great Day”.
Track 2: “Superstar” We all know who, the real Superstar Cashyra is referring to! Another track that is enjoyable with an incredible beat. This is a song about discipleship and Cashyra expresses why she studies the Word and her walk in the footsteps of the King. “Lord you’re my Superstar”!
Track 3: “Armor On” I like to call it “The War song”. Excuse me I have to get urban here, when I hear this song I feel like riding ten deep in the SUV and jumping out to do outreach. The track on this song is “CRAZY” and the vocals from Cashyra are out of this world! Armor On can be placed in any Christian rap mix and will not miss a beat. All kidding aside, Armor On is a great song and spiritual warfare is the message. “Left Right, Left. Put your armor on!”
Track 4: “His Love Goes On” A refreshing tune that expresses God’s love. One word, NICE, but something is missing. I guess I like that bounce in the music, maybe that’s it!
Track 5: “Come Back Home” This is where the sun shines! Cashyra, singing ballads, left me breathless! “Come Back Home” will leave you lost no more.
Track 6: “All Over Me” Another ballet from Cashyra and you know I’m happy! This song when I first heard it was on instant repeat over and over and over again. All Over Me is a song about the glory of God! This song will have you too locking it in!
Track 7: “There’s A Battle” Here is the hook of the song “There’s a Battle going on… Got to choose right from wrong…” In a world where the sin nature is all around, Cashyra is not alone on this path of righteousness and it’s not an easy task. A very good song with a wonderful concept, this one is a must hear on the station, be on the lookout.
Track 8: “Endureth Forever (Psalms 136)” Enough said!
Track 9: “Fa the Ladies” This is music ministers to the Ladies. I found this song to be very uplifting and encouraging. Ladies I think you will too.
Track 10: “He’s Coming” A PreachPastor.com favorite. If you haven’t heard “He’s Coming”!
Track 11: “There is None Like You” A lovely worship song that will leave you praising and raising your hands.
Overall I found “Great Day by Cashyra” to be a Great buy! Cashyra’s “Great Day” is available for digital download on iTunes, Amazon.com.


  • Anonymous says:
    October 13, 2011

    I so agree with review!!!

  • Queen says:
    October 13, 2011

    An awesome project. Inspired to be used by the Lord.

  • Shakira says:
    October 14, 2011

    Great review!!! Great music, beats and vocals!!! I believe God gets glory when this CD is played!! Well done!! The World need to hear it!

  • Anonymous says:
    October 14, 2011

    I heard Armor on! Yeah she caught that one, Cashyra drop some heat on it.

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