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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello Fear by Kirk Franklin

Gather around, I have a story to share with you. Listen up this is a story about love. I’m sure you are already familiar with "(2) The Story of Fear". Oh, (1) hello Fear you should hear this too (3) before I die so take seat over there. Let’s begin with the redemption power of the Great (4)I Am and his sacrifice. You should also know, is all about the Blood, nothing (5) but the blood. His Blood heals and yes we understand that (6) everyone Hurts. Yes even I do as well but when I heard the story about the Jesus, (7)I Smile because with Him I am (9)Never Alone. I suggest you too (8)give me the chance to tell you more so come up to the (10) The Altar, and when you’re done we will sing there is (11) something about the name of Jesus. So now is (12) the moment again now is (13) the moment to explain that there is not a (14) GOD Like You!
Kirk Franklin, present his newest album "Hello Fear" this March 22, 2011. Kirk Franklin has taken contemporary gospel music by storm with his distinctive style and world renowned sound since his arrival in 1993 with his first his Album "Kirk Franklin & The Family".
The new single "I Smile" from "Hello Fear" has overtaken the airways and will usher in one of the most anticipated contemporary gospel albums of the year. Hello Fear provides fourteen songs that will energize your sprit.

Hello Fear by Kirk FranklinSong

Song Titles
(1) Hello Fear
(2) The Story of Fear
(3) Before I Die
(4) I Am
(5) But the Blood
(6)Everyone Hurts
(7) I Smile
(8) Give me
(9) Never Alone Interlude
(10) The Altar
(11) Something about the Name of Jesus
(12) The moment #1
(13) The moment #2
(14) GOD Like You
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