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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Introducing Brassy Sound of The Seal Breakers

The Seal Breakers has released their first full length album entitled "None Like You: Remix" featuring Jason Henderickson, Karyn Porter and Matia Celeste Washington. Trust me when I say "None like you" will leave you marching into worship.

This energetic ensemble lead by trombonist Elder Craig Williams of the Seal Breakers is an original mix of gospel music infused with the sound of percussion. "Picture marching band meets Gospel." To quote an analogy used by gospel recording artist Jason Hendrickson. When introducing me to the brassy sounds of The Seal Breakers.

Elder Craig Williams formed the praise band in 2001, known then as the "The Eagles Praise Band". Unfortunately the use of the name "The Eagles" could be a potential copyright infringement upon a rock group with a similar name, the group suffered a slight set back. Elder Williams realized that since the eagles wouldn’t fly that their praises would still be lifted up! Dr. Jamal Bryant whom was blessed to hear the band three days prior gave Elder Craig Williams a call that would not only uplifting but defining. Dr. Jamal Bryant said, "God placed you in my spirit and I wanted to know what you are going to call your group?" Elder Craig Williams told him he had not decided, but was praying about it. Dr. Jamal Bryant replied, "God told me to tell you to call the group the "The Seal Breakers!" The name was chosen from Revelations chapter 8:6 where it reads, "So the seven angles who had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound.."

"None Like You" is now available for download here on PreachPastor.com, Amazon and iTunes!


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