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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September’s Complimentary Music

This past week has delivered an abundance of complimentary music. There will be a great flood of wonderful Christian music scheduled to drop this fall in 2011. We all know that just a little leak can produce a great waterfall of results.

Speaking of leaks, Xist Music has trickled “FIREPROOF” in preparation for the upcoming “MISFIT” tour. “FIREPROOF” is a free download. Visit the Sean Simmons Facebook Page for more details: http:\\www.facebook.com/iamseansimmonds. The new Sean Simmons CD is scheduled to be released this February 2011, let’s keep an eye out for the latest sounds.

Did you know? Cross Movement Records is offering the instrumental and acapella to K-Drama’s “Get your Weight Up” as a free download. Visit iTunes or http://crossmovementrecords.com/ , yes you too can get your weight up! Spiritually!

illect Recordings, is on a roll this year and is on pace to have a break out 2012 year. The London based illect Recordings recently released two compilation projects “Mind the Rap” , Volume 1 and Volume 2 both projects are now available for free download from Amazon.com. To download the two full recordings visit the links below.
To download illect Recordings: Mind the Rap Vol. 1 http://www.amazon.com/illect-Recordings-Mind-Rap-1/dp/b005cjtk4Q/
To download illect Recordings: Mind the Rap Vol. 2 http://www.amazon.com/illect-Recording-Mind-Rap-2/dp/B005CJTPCS/

Furthermore X-Cali Entertainment has graced us with “Triumph” visit http://tumblr.com/xyj4etvly to download. Tru Knowledge a Christian rapper from the city of brotherly love delivers a freestyle message of being Triumphant. Also, Silas Clark has offered his Brutha WAR CD for free download. Be sure to check out this CD here under the following link http://vibedeck.com/bruthawar-of%20bruthazgrimm

Finally, the FNF compilation CD has been released and is offered free to the public. The FNF compilation is a great way to hear the music of various Christian rappers. To download the FNF compilation follow the link here: http://www.christian-rap.com

Wow, the month of September offers so many gifts from Christian rappers; you might confuse this season with an early Christmas!

I would like to encourage everyone to support the music provided by the Lord's anointed for we are nothing without Jesus.


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