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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Looking for Some New Lewi for the New Year, I say "Yes"!

The creative musical sound of New Lewi is like a boiling pot of pepper pot soup. Instead of the onions and bell peppers, he is adding a taste of hip hop, a dash of reggae, and a pinch of rock. The results of mixing hip hop and rock is creating a new sub genre called “hip-rock”, a sound that is distinctively New Lewi’s as he infuses a bit of reggae into this hot dish. I must say that this new bowl of soup is being served by "The Master" as New Lewi and his sound is boiling hot!

DJ Worship More had the opportunity to ask New Lewi a few questions about his music, his pursuits towards establishing a new genre called “hip-rock” and his current project entitled "Hip Rock".

DJ Worship More Question:

You have a very positive vibe in your music, providing words of encouragement and triumph to your audience.
How important is it to you that you not only provide quality music, but music that can impact the life of the listener?

New Lewi Answer:

It's very important to me because I believe music can influence someone to make right or wrong decisions. For example, we cannot deny the fact that the hip hop culture has influenced a vast amount of our youths, as well as adults, worldwide.

I need to make sure that the production of my music is good, because if the production of the music is less than what people hear in mainstream media, they're not going to be interested in what I have to say. I need to capture my audience with a good sound, and once I have them hooked, I can then deliver the message that will influence them in making the right decision, which is simply to choose Love.

DJ Worship More Question:

You are leaving your own personal stamp in the music world and working diligently towards creating a new sub-culture called “hip-rock”. Where do you stand in the process of accomplishing your goal of legitimizing “hip-rock” as a new genre?

New Lewi Answer:

I have a long way to go. I have my local fans, but in order for me to fulfill my goal, I need to tap into the mainstream media, and that's not going to be easy. In this World, money talks, so I'm currently speaking with a few investors, as well as finding ways to create enough capital to promote and market my music exactly where its needed.
I've also been doing some training in acting, modeling and stage performance with a company called AMTC (Actors, Models, and Talents for Christ...
http://www.amtcworld.com/ )... So New Lewi got an upgrade :-)
In this business it's very important to invest in what you feel you're called to do. I know I'm called to the arts and entertainment world, so I decided to invest my money in AMTC's training program. I finished the training and I'm now heading down to Orlando FL to perform at the Gaylord Palms Resort (hosted by AMTC). I have to do a few monologues, scene reads, cold reads, modeling and also performing one of my songs in front of a few VIP's. I believe that this will help me towards my goal... A dancer who calls himself, "Twitch", was on the show "So You Think You Can Dance..." And he came through AMTC. Tim Urban, who was one of the top 12 in American Idol, also came through AMTC as well. They (AMTC) have quite a few other successes, so I'm hoping that I'll be someone they can add to their success story as well.

DJ Worship More Question:

Your musical accomplishments are stunning and you have received many accolades in such a short period of time. Are you surprised that by combining three musical genres (Hip Hop, Rock, Reggae) into one truly unique sound could have been so successful?

New Lewi Answer:

I always had a love for all kinds of music, but never thought of combining genres. Back in, I believe it was 2009, I had to work on a song for a, Welter Weight boxer by the name of Martin "Mardi Gras" Wright, and I decided to compose the song with a friend of mine, who's only produced rock music throughout his career. I wrote and produced the song together, and that was the beginning of what we called, "Hip Rock..." And since I'm originally from Jamaica, it's only right that I add some of my roots in the music.

I felt that it would be a success because no matter how "futuristic" music gets, people will always love a live band. This is why 90% of my music is done with a live band. There are people who completely hate rap music, but because of the sound and quality of what I do, they easily find themselves falling in love with it.

DJ Worship More Question:

In brief what can we expect from your latest digital album?

New Lewi Answer:

I'm happy with my accomplishments but certainly not satisfied. This is just the beginning, so expect to hear a lot more from New Lewi.

DJ Worship More:

Now, I would like to thank you for your time. Everyone please visit New Lewi's website http://www.newlewi.com/. We encourage you to buy his albums that are now available on itunes entitled, "Hip-Rock" and "Devil Is A Liar". New Lewi is an artist who will be making a splash for Christ, so large that you will not escape HIS love.


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