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Monday, March 26, 2012

Let Your Glory Fall by Nweze an Inspired Blessing

Amazin’ Ijeoma Nweze is the 8th child of 11 sibling family, born to Chief & Mrs. Joseph Ogbodo. Her Father, who is ever proud of this daughter, is a renowned community leader and business man, proprietor of Small Joe’s Enterprise (Transport Company) and Liberation Hotels Ltd Enugu, Eastern

Ijeoma Nweze introduced as Amazin’ the model for Christ, was called into the music ministry from a very young age. She is much-admired for her unique style of African praise worship, contemporary and gospel reggae genre.  She worships and serves a chorister as well as a Discipleship Minister at Jubilee Christian Centre, East London Branch.

In her secondary school days, she was the school band soloist where she also learnt how to play the keyboard and drums. During the later stage of her secondary school education days, she was well known for her drama, dancing and performing arts. Though a worship leader and soloist at such tender age, she also excelled in her poetic, song writing and artistic representations of beauty and nature.

At the age of 17, she felt the mighty hand of God upon her and then made the decision to answer her call as a music minister. Making a conscious and personal decision to accept her destiny as it’s been ordained by God. It was at that time that God revealed Himself to her, causing her to turn to Him wholly and totally with an explosion of her passion for serving the Lord exceptionally with a voice she has been blessed with. Her Life affected and has continued to affect a huge number of people due to the prophetic revelations and series of healing and deliverances that take place in her tenderly and confidently ministrations to the glory of God, in churches and crusade grounds. She has got that which moves the hand of God.
In 2002, she got married to Architect Paul Nweze. They are blessed with 4 lovely children Princess Zina, Ben-boy, Divine and Paul Jr.

In 2007, she pulled off the ominous task of being a good mother and a loving wife and graduated from University of Greenwich with an outstanding qualification in Housing.  She has also gone through a Master’s degree in Clinical Pastoral Counselling, to enable her undertake this task as her
ministry demands to support, coach and lead women into a better and improved lifestyle.

Amazin’s Début Album, Angels' Cry, was released on the 29th May 2010,together with her single track, BeyondBounds.


  • Anonymous says:
    March 27, 2012

    Let your glory fall on me,my wife,my children,my business Lord, what a song,God bless you sister.

  • Anonymous says:
    March 29, 2012

    Wonderful song wonderful worship

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