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Friday, March 9, 2012

Lyrical Soldier - Unconditional

Michael Agyei, also known as Lyrical Soldier, is a preacher, singer, rapper and a spoken word poet. In a nutshell, he truly is the epitome of a ‘Lyrical Evangelist’. Through his God-given use of words in song and through preaching, he is able to draw and plant a seed of interest in the minds of people as to who Jesus Christ is.

Lyrical Soldier

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Born and raised in the UK with a Ghanaian heritage, Lyrical Soldier began writing lyrics from a very young age; performing at children day recitals.

In 2008, Lyrical Soldier started his ministry whilst residing in the United States. It was here that Lyrical was blessed with the opportunity to work with two very talented singer/songwriters; Maria Bryd and Jalessa Williams.

Lyrical Soldier has ministered at across the globe including Australia, America and Ghana in various youth concerts, church events, festivals, numerous poetry jams and also Soul Survivor where he featured with the very talented UK Gospel group Ekklesia.

He even had his first concert in July 2011 which sold out!

He has recorded 2 successful music videos for ‘Unconditional’ (summer 2011) which made it to Kiss TV and ‘Hold on’ which was filed in Ghana December 2011.

Lyrical soldier is a unique, expressive and inspirational young artist who has worked very hard to get to where he is today and recognizes that with Christ all things are possible for him in the future.


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