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Monday, March 12, 2012

Mercy Masika - Jesus Is Real

Mercy Masika sang in the church and traveled with her family as long as she can remember. At the age of eleven, Mercy released her first album entitled “Nobody like Jesus" followed by her sophomore album “Roses will Bloom Again”.

Mercy Masika Muguro states, “I started singing in church at a very tender age. My parents traveled a lot on missions and my sister and I accompanied them. I have pictures of us singing when I was four. Every weekend we had invitations to sing in other places. By the age of 13 Roses will Bloom Again was released which I did with Reuben Kigame.” This was a special time in her life as she reflects back on her earlier years before her music ministry sky rocketed from nation to nation.

Amukomete (WAKE UP) was the launch of Mercy’s third album when she realized that she must reach her own people. She has a special connection to the album Amukomete and it became evident as she states, “This album introduced me to the world.” In 2008 Mercy Masika “Forever” album ushered in two major awards as she won multiple awards as ‘Artist of the Year’ and ‘Female Artist of the Year’ at the 2008 Groove Awards.

Presently music has a place in her life, but ministry takes precedence as she is working in Yatta, where poverty is a grave challenge. As she is working with a team of women to help the impoverished in a project called Aka Oi meaning Wise women. This ministry is currently raising funds to help the women make something of their lives through community impact missions.

So, when asked. What can we expect from Mercy Masika Muguro in the future? She said,” I plan to do music full time. Music is what I do best and the industry in general has been growing since 2002. Gospel music differs from secular as we speak life and hope. For me it is not about the fame or money; I am happy when my music ministers to someone hurting or when it helps them
experience God.”

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