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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Susan Rohrer One on One with DJ Worship More

Susan Rohrer
Author of:
The Holy Spirit Amazing Power for everyday people

Susan Rohrer was touched by Greatness, so much so she was moved to write about the power and gifts that fell upon her. “The Holy Spirit Amazing Power for everyday people” by Susan Rohrer will introduce you to the fruits of the Spirit from her own personal journey. This is a great read, a page turner that invites you to come and taste the Spirit.

Susan Rohrer is a professional writer, producer, and director specializing in family-friendly entertainment, Rohrer’s credits in one or more of these capacities include: an adaptation of Gods Trombones; 100 episodes of drama series Another Life; Humanitas Prize finalist & Emmy winner Never Say Goodbye; Emmy nominees Terrible Things My Mother Told Me and The Emancipation of Lizzie Stern; anthology No Earthly Reason; NAACP Image Award nominee Mothers Day; AWRT Public Service Award winner (for addressing the problem of teen sexual harassment) Sexual Considerations; comedy series Sweet Valley High; telefilms Book of Days and Another Pretty Face; Emmy nominee & Humanitas Prize finalist If I Die Before I Wake; as well as Film Advisory Board & Christopher Award winner About Sarah.

Susan, it was a joy reading your book about the Holy Spirit as a friend you called a “Gentleman”; this is so true. When reading your book I witnessed the humble beginnings of a new Christian to the birth of a spiritual butterfly.

Question DJ Worship More:

Susan, can you please share with us, who you are in Christ?

Answer Susan Rohrer:

I’m just an everyday believer, like most of my readers. To tell the truth, I think less about who I am in Christ than I do about who He can be in me, if I’ll just get out of the way. There’s a fuller sense of where I’m coming from in the first chapter of my book (it’s in the free sample online), but suffice it to say that in the big picture of the body, I’m very content to be like one tiny pixel. I wrote this book as evidence that God still moves in supernatural power today, and that this can happen through anybody, even rank-and-filers like me. I want to be clear that it’s never been about seeking signs for me. They were just the natural by-product of faith. But witnessing the jaw-droppingly impossible up close and personal really opened my eyes to the potential that exists, not just in leaders, but also in every single believer.

Question DJ Worship More:

I grew up in a Pentecostal church and witnessed the move of the Spirit, but until you have been baptized by the Spirit, it is difficult to describe His presence. My background allowed me to believe as a child and sometime fear His presence as I really didn’t understand.

When reading your book, my eyes were opened to a different Christian perspective towards those who believe that the power of Holy Spirit ceased after the death of the Apostles. What were your original thoughts about the Holy Spirit and when did you come to the realization that the Holy Spirit is with us today?

Answer Susan Rohrer:

Even though I was raised in the church, I didn’t think about the Holy Spirit much in my youth. The Holy Spirit was regularly named in blessings and such, and there were mentions of the fruits. I just don’t recall any teaching about the Holy Spirit as a Person, or anything about the supernatural power that was promised to every believer. There was plenty about Jesus doing miracles way back when, but nothing about how these wonders can continue to empower the testimonies of believers today.

For me, the turning point came when I started reading the Bible in earnest about the question of whether or not the spectacular gifts ceased when the first century Apostles died. I was actually trying to prove they had ceased (as I’d been told), but the more I read the text of the Bible, the more realized that they hadn’t ceased. God used the comprehensive counsel of Scripture itself to convince me about the continuation of all of the gifts, throughout all earthly generations.

My book is a biblical road map of sorts, tracking with that journey of faith I took as I followed Scripture point-to-point about the Holy Spirit. It’s teaching interspersed with true stories of the amazing things God continues to do today. I hope it will encourage all believers to set aside man-made constructs and build a practical biblical foundation for what they embrace about the Holy Spirit.

Question DJ Worship More:

Susan your book covers many topics that will help the believer grow in their personal walk. What are some of the various topics covered in your book in regards to grasping an understanding of the nature of the Holy Spirit and the gifts?

Answer Susan Rohrer:

As you know, there’s been a lot of controversy associated with the Holy Spirit. As a result, He’s been heavily marginalized and is often put in a “we don’t go there” box. Sadly, He’s a stranger to many of us. So, the purpose of my book is to help readers to work past fear and man-made traditions, and then to build a balanced Bible-based understanding of just who the Holy Spirit is and how He operates.

Hot button Q&A and contemporary anecdotes are peppered throughout each topic. We start out getting to know and appreciate the Giver as a Person before diving into sensitive topics like baptism in the Spirit and what that is in biblical, contemporary experience. Once that firm foundation is set, the latter chapters are an in-depth exploration of each of the supernatural gifts, as exemplified in the life of Jesus, the early church, and in the lives of believers today.

Question DJ Worship More:

Hearing Aids for all of God’s Sheep, is a chapter in your book and I feel that it is the perfect analogy in the overall summary of your book. Who do you feel will be blessed when they read your wonderful book?

Answer Susan Rohrer:

You’re so right to notice that the final chapter “Hearing Aids for All of God’s Sheep” is the common thread that runs through the entire book. Jesus’ statement that His sheep would hear His Voice is what it all boils down to: hearing and following. When we take God at His Word and actually hear His voice, we go beyond just knowing about the Holy Spirit intellectually to getting to know Him personally. He becomes the interactive Teacher, Comforter and Helper Jesus promised He would be to us.

Years ago, a number of devout believing women in my church told me that they knew little or nothing about the Holy Spirit. Though they loved God, they longed to experience Him more in their day-to-day lives. I began this book as a way to share what God has taught me with them, but in God’s way of doing above all we ask or think, it has gone much farther. It’s just one little pixel’s way of reaching around the world. And my hope is that it will be an adventure in faith to everyone who reads it.

Question DJ Worship More:

“The Holy Spirit Amazing Power for everyday people” is available in stores. Susan, can you share with our readers where we can purchase your book?

Answer Susan Rohrer:

My book is available worldwide through Amazon.com. (I’ve gone completely green with it, so there’s no print version through traditional bookstores.) It’s exclusively an eBook for Kindle. The great thing about Kindle is they offer free Kindle apps for those who don’t have an actual Kindle device. So, anyone with a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Windows Phone7 can just go to Amazon’s Kindle Store and either download a free Kindle app or use the online Kindle Cloud Reader to read my book. Amazon Prime members can currently borrow my book for free. Also, anyone can get a free sample of the book at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005ES7358

Question DJ Worship More:

What websites can we read more about you and your ministry? How can we stay up to date with your latest achievements?

Answer Susan Rohrer:

At least at this point, I don’t have a website or any formal sort of ministry. Like I said, I’m just an everyday person, keeping my eyes and ears open to God in the course of my everyday life.

Readers are welcome to drop by my twitter nest for updates on my latest projects. So, please feel free to tweet me at: http://twitter.com/susanrohrer

DJ Worship More:

Susan, sharing your book with our readers has been a pleasure. I was moved and touched personally and even felt that your heart was in tuned with mine as we have been touched by the Master. I pray for your continued success and that whoever reads this blog and your book will too have the same passion and desire to grow to learn more about the Comforter.

But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.
- John 14:26


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