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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let's discuss his Mercy with Shel and Push Play!

Tune in Monday Night:
8:00-9:00 PM EST
MAR 14, 2011
on the Your'll Soul Music Hour

Shel & PushPlay was birth in the fall of 2006. Created by producer, composer, and musician Shelvis Green Jr. This music group has traveled throughout the states, taken their audience by storm. Shelvis aka Shel has brought a new sound to the game. PushPlay is Shel’s personal band consisting of a unique bend of singers and talented musicians with Shel as the narrator. With his goal and mission to win souls for Christ, he has taken his traditional church sound and fused various modern musical styles into it. Shel’s lyrics are clearly evolutionary.

Telling everyone about the goodness of God, as well as sending positive messages to those in need of encouragement. The debut album entitled “Express Yourself” is a 15-track album dedicated to given people that feel good music. When the album was finished Shel noticed that for some reason every last track complimented each other. There is at least one song for everyone on the planet. This album is undefined, the music is unmatched, and Shel & Push Play’s future is immeasurable.


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