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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dr. Del and Pastor Diana Davis will Minister the Hour of Power!

The ministry gift of Del and Diana is a very effective...

PreachPastor.com continues to provide programming that will enrich your soul with ministry with the launch of The Hour of Power. A reoccurring ministry series as it will air weekly on the station. Dr. Del and Pastor Diana Davis of Rapture Bible Training and Worship Center will provide teaching and ministry during the first half the hour. Please log on to Preachpastor.com every Tuesday 10:00 AM followed by a rebroadcast each Sunday Morning at 8:00 AM.

More About our Speakers:

The ministry gift of Del and Diana is a very effective and uniquely designed ministerial tool that God has raised up in and for our generation.

Individually, God has placed a mantle of teaching on them that enables this team to deliver accurate warfare strategies designed to build Kingdom awareness and an overwhelming determination to overcome in the hearts and minds of the believer. Through their ministry, the Holy Spirit demonstrates in a very practical and obtainable fashion the pure essence of family, unity, and victory for the believer aspiring to do the perfect will of God.

The Holy Spirit has given them a look behind the veil that stands between our everyday lives and the mysteries of God's Kingdom. They have since been commissioned to take these principles of God's Kingdom and show them to the Church.

Dr. Del Davis

Del Davis is a graduate of Victory Life Bible Training Center in Hampton, Virginia. He received his Bachelor and Masters Degree from the MTC School of Theology located in Portage, Indiana; and has obtained an earned Doctorate, graduating with honors from Omega Bible Institute and Seminary located in Monroe, Louisiana.

His determination to display a high standard of excellence in the Body of Christ has compelled him to prepare for the "high call of God" that is found only in Christ Jesus.

Pastor Diana L. Davis

Diana Davis was born in Norfolk, Virginia. She is the youngest of eight. In 1977, she graduated from Norfolk Business College with a certificate in Secretarial Skills and Office Administration. She is the President of Je'Lyn Designs Exclusives, Inc.

Diana Davis is Co-Founder and Chief Administrator Officer of Rapture Ministries. She is the Co-Pastor of Rapture Bible Training and Worship Center.

She has excelled as a dynamic bible teacher through her commitment to the Proverbs 31 lifestyle and has unequivocally proven that the divine order of God for family yields spiritual and natural benefits for the woman without compromising the "call of God" on her life. She resides in Chesapeake, VA with her husband and four children.


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